What Customers Are Saying About UltraFresh

Mommy Tina Medrano – January 31, 2020

Mommy Rona Tai – January 25, 2020

“Leaving this lil’ Bub as mommy have some mommy time…. I miss him already”

Mommy Mads Lopez – January 25, 2020

You’re growing way too fast, I’m not prepared! 😭🙈 #mybabygirlforever #lovelove💕 Tavi’s 4 months old now and she’s really becoming more and more active! I thought changing diapers before was such a task but it’s become more of a challenge now that she’s actually moving a lot. 😅😂 There were so many times I had to fix diaper in place because it’s not as easy anymore when she’s trying to turn to her side every time. 🙈😆 Really got to thank @ultrafreshph diapers’ for its refastenable tapes feature for not failing me on this note! Lol. It’s stickiness doesn’t waver even on times when diaper needs to be adjusted and secured more properly. 

Daddy Jai Reyes & Mommy Jo Kamiyama – January 25, 2020

Ultrafresh PH always keeping Coby fresh and comfy from infancy to toddlerhood. I honestly don’t know how to sleep well without it!

Mommy Caren Tordesillas – January 23, 2020

Because of @ultrafreshph diaper’s fast and ultra absorbency, this little one was able to withstand a 2-hour wait at the hangar, a 3-hour bus ride to Clark, and a 30-minute plane ride to the island. No leaks!

Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – January 22, 2020

As Baby Armi grows up, she enjoys playing much longer. Grateful to @ultrafreshph diapers fast dryness that keeps up with her and allows for longer play 😍

Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – January 21, 2020

“19pcs of other brand vs 19pcs of UltraFresh 💚💙
*Ultra Thin ✔
*Ultra Space saver ✔
*Ultra absorbent ✔
*Value for Money ✔
Experience ultra quality with Ultrafresh 👌”


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – January 20, 2020

Recovering well

Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – January 12, 2020

Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – January 12, 2020

Mommy Jackie Millonado Mitra – January 10,2020

Mommy Cara Kho Martinez – January 10, 2020

Mommy Joan Millonado – January 9, 2020

Woke up nice and fresh from my three-hour morning nap, thanks to my Glamma and Yaya Kat who gave me a bath and to my thin and absorbent UltraFresh diapers!!!


Mommy Ella Perez – January 8, 2020

#HappyBaby with #UltraFreshUltraThin diapers 😍
Ang saya palagi ng gising
ng aming real life Poring! 😂
#AnjellaMariel at Astoria Hotel – 2 months old staycation
We first received Ultrafresh PH sample packs from #theparentingemporium and when my baby tried it, she was able to sleep soundly through the night! That’s why we highly-recommend this to parents! It’s really affordable as well! ^_^

Mommy Jo & Daddy Jai Reyes – January 6, 2020

Looking forward to more dry and comfortable nights w @ultrafreshph this 2020✨


Mommy Tina Medrano – January 4, 2020

As our baby becomes more kulit than ever, I couldn’t be happier that @ultrafreshph has a refastenable tape which makes it easy to adjust and comfy for our baby Iago to move around in! Gives us parents the peace of mind coz we’re sure that it’ll stay in place, no leaks and baby is happy!😂


Mommy Maricel M Lim – January 1, 2020

Welcomed 2020 with my cutie dance and my Ultrafresh diaper on.
Happy New year guys! 🎉

☑️Fast absorbency
☑️Fast dryness


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – January 1, 2020

Ooops!! It’s already 2020!!! Happy new year everyone!

✔fast dryness


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – Decmber 31, 2019

Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – Decmber 30, 2019

Urban Essentials – December 29, 2019

The UltraFresh diaper is ultra thin, as you can see. It is even comparable to the thinness of a panty liner. That’s why it’s very comfortable for the baby so much more than bulky diapers that can be annoying in the crotch part. Upon testing and comparing with other diapers by pouring water into it, it really absorbs liquid extremely fast. Ang bilis nya mag dry! And amazingly, it still stayed thin! The liquid turned into gel just like other diapers but the difference is kahit sobrang likot ng baby, hindi sya namumuo at lalawlaw. The best part? It’s sooo affordable. Stella has switched to Ultra Fresh diapers, so switch na din kayo! 🤗


Mommy Luisa Pua – December 28, 2019

We’re ready for our next destination! Thank goodness for @ultrafreshph diaper’s ultra fast dryness feature keeping Lanabear 🐻 dry and comfy during our road trip!


Mommy Cara Martinez – December 26, 2019

Mommy Luisa Gaw – December 25, 2019

We got our fresh supply of Ultrafresh Diapers just in time for the Christmas festivities!🎄
Now we don’t have to worry about Lance’s non stop likot movements as Ultrafresh Diapers are designed to be ultra flexible and fit perfectly all the time! 👍💙💚


Mommy Tina Medrano – December 24, 2019

First time to go on an out of town trip with our Iago and I made sure to be very strategic with my packing list because I want to keep it minimal yet complete. Of course, I made sure to secure first our baby’s needs and I’m so thankful that @ultrafreshph is so lightweight and thin. Imagine I was able to fit an entire pack in one small luggage with our clothes for 3 days? We were able to enjoy our trip with no worry!


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – December 20, 2019

Always happy and playful feeling dry all day!

✔fast absorbency


Mommy Luisa Pua – December 19, 2019

Waiting for playtime be like… Lanabear is geared up for all day playtime freshness with her @ultrafreshph diaper. We have tested its fast absorbency through time leaving her fresh and leak free all day long.


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – December 18,2019

That’s how thin @ultrafreshph diapers are compared to others. Look how much space you save 😊


Mommy Caren Tordesillas – December 18, 2019

Yaya Leni: Huwag ka na bumili nung (diaper brand). UltraFresh nalang! .
Me: Hindi na ako bumibili nun. Lahat ng meron tayo diyan gift kay Caris. .
Yaya Leni: Kase makapal yun e. Mas maganda yung UltraFresh. Manipis at mas presko si Caris!
Yaya said so herself!


themarkxabi (Blogger) – December 17, 2019

Tikoy only wears disposable diapers whenever we go out and @ultrafreshph is still our go to brand. Not only does it save space on our diaper bag and keep it light, it also allows Tikoy to move more without the bulk like other diapers do. This is something you appreciate more when you have a toddler who can’t seem to sit still. 🙂


Mommy Bianca Berbano – December 15, 2019

Confession: I slept so soundly last night that I forgot to change his diaper early in the morning so his @ultrafreshph was on him for 11 hours!! But guess what! He woke up with a happy face coz there was no leak tho it was very full,haha! Talk about a super absorbent diaper!! I love @ultrafreshph ❤❤❤


Mommy Tina Medrano – December 15, 2019

It’s a struggle to change nappies now that Iago is more active than ever! Ever since he learned to roll over, he would do it over and over in any surface. So happy that his current diaper @ultrafreshph has a refastenable tape that makes it easier to snap in place. I check his nappy a lot too and good thing it doesn’t loose it’s stickiness.👍🏻


Mommy Rona Tai – December 14, 2019

I need to start packing for our travel to Australia and I am drawing a blank.. since these are @iamlegendtai ‘s MUST HAVES (aside from milk) what else should I pack?? His favorite pillow – @baabaasheepzph
His favorite blankie – @littlek.ph
His favorite Nappy – @ultrafreshph
His favorite wipes – @babymobyph
And a new cute romper from @ashandmuff x @littlestsetter


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – December 13, 2019


Mommy Maricel M Lim – December 12, 2019

Thank you all for your birthday greetings and thank you mommy for providing me the most comfortable diaper.
Mommy said it has a fast absorbency feature that keeps me dry all the time. And yes it’s true! I’m a one happy baby because of Ultrafresh diaper. ❤️


Themarkxabi – December 12, 2019

Travelling for the holidays? Save up precious luggage space (because admit it, your baby’s stuff would take up the whole thing!) with @ultrafreshph diapers! This thin but mighty diaper has been a life saver for our trips! .


Mommy Jo Kamiyama – December 11, 2019

 Ultrafresh PH no matter what Coby wants to play with. 👍


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – December 11, 2019

Baby Mia soundly sleeping… 🥰

UltraFresh gives our Baby the ultra comfort with its fast dryness 👌🥰

Kahit full diaper.. no problem!


Mommy Laura Noel Guillot – December 10, 2019

Loving the weather 😎

wearing UltraFresh diapers underneath!! 🙌


Fruit and Trees Davao – December 10, 2019

Our @ultrafreshph diapers is now available! And yes!!! It is really super thin and has an enlarged waist which is like a pants of the baby. Tried it for Talah and she was very comfortable because even though it’s ultra thin, it has a very good absorbency👌 she felt very fresh❤️Plus, it’s very affordable too! No wonder this brand is well raved by a lot of moms😍 It comes in 30s but we also have a trial pack of 6.


Mommy Caren Tordesillas – December 8, 2019

We love how lightweight UltraFresh diapers are! Not light as a feather, but well, light enough to fly! 😊


Mommy Jackie Mitra – December 7, 2019

We can store more diapers in Kaia’s trolley thanks to super thin and lightweight ultrafresh diapers.


Mommy Tina Medrano – December 6, 2019

Iago is super likot now! He knows how to roll over, reach his toes and shows signs of sitting up too! Thanks to @ultrafreshph for allowing him to move comfortably without worry.😌


Mommy Zoe Gonzales – December 5, 2019

I just love how lightweight ishi’s diapers are!! 💙💚 I’m glad we made the right choice!


Mommy Mads Lopez – December 3, 2019

As a new mom, there’s so many things I had to learn through hands on experience with my little one. Truth be told, I couldn’t immediately distinguish early on whether or not my baby’s cry and behavior is suggesting it was time for diaper change, so it was a good thing @ultrafreshph have refastenable tapes! Not only does it securely fastens diapers in place to avoid leaks when baby moves, it also doesn’t lose its adhesive component when adjustment is needed or in my case many times in the past, wrong call is made. 😅😆 Practice makes perfect though and I’m proud to say that it comes more naturally to me now to know whether or not diaper is full without having to open it up to check. Lol


Mommy Laura Noel – December 3, 2019

That’s 8 packs of UltraFresh 🙂 and 2 in our handcarry 🙂

Mommy Bianca Berbano – December 2, 2019

Peaceful naps mean more rest for mommy ❤ ang galing coz with @ultrafreshph he gets uninterrupted sleep coz I don’t have to keep waking him up for nappy changes because it absorbs his peepee so well and keeps him dry ❤❤❤ #happymommy


Mommy Cara Martinez – December 2, 2019

Living in a condo with 2 kids, you can imagine the space we need. So I’m really loving how compact these diapers are that they fit perfectly in my cart rack trolley.💚💙


Mommy Luisa Gaw – December 1, 2019

Fully loaded with 30 pcs. of Ultrafresh Diapers… But still with a lot of extra space left for all your baby essentials!
Now that’s truly space saving!!!💙💚


Mommy Mitch Garcia – December 1, 2019


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – November 30, 2019

Playtime funtime with Dom! Dry pa rin ang feeling because of @ultrafreshph fast dryness!!


Mommy Luisa Pua – November 30, 2019

Bakasyon en grande for the Lanabear! All day playtime and fun. Almost no need to take break for diaper change. @Ultrafresh dries so fast leaving her comfy all day long!


Mommy Jackie Mitra – November 28,2019

Beach essentials 🐳 packing for the beach was made a lot easier by these lightweight diapers of ultra fresh 🐠


Mommy Caren Tordesillas – November 28, 2019

We love how comfortable UltraFresh diapers are! It makes tummy time for Baby Caris so much easier! Her smile says it all! 😊


Mommy Laura Noel – November 28, 2019

Battle of the Luggages: Parents (left) vs LesTwins (right)

I never understood how babies can have so much stuff until I had my own 🤣


Mommy Cara Martinez – November 27, 2019

First time to use ULTRAFRESH diaper, I see that Hugo is comfortable as could be. He never stops moving, all he does is play! This is perfect for my very active toddler.


Mommy Bianca Berbano – November 26, 2019

I used to have a favorite diaper brand but I found it too bulky and sometimes, with poop leaks.. not to mention expensive pa 😱 Then i saw Ultrafresh during the Lazada 11.11 sale and decided to try it out because I’ve heard good feedback from a friend. Totoo nga!! Look at how thin and lightweight it is! Kayang kayang buhatin ni Ethan 🤣 it’s true to its claim na no leaks and soooo absorbent despine being thin 🙌🙌🙌 mommies, I highly recommend this diaper! ❤❤❤


Mommy Tina Medrano – November 26, 2019

Super happy that Iago is not sensitive to a lot of things including diapers. And so I’ve recently discovered that there exists a diaper that’s as thin and lightweight as our old-fashioned lampin! Iago almost looks and feels as if he’s not wearing any diaper underneath. 2 nights in and so far so good, no leaks whatsoever.👌🏼


Mommy Zoe Gonzales – November 25, 2019

Ishi gets ultra sleep with Ultrafresh! Before switching to this brand, I would always have to interrupt her sleep especially at night because I was scared her diapers would leak. But then we found #UltraFreshPH and because of its fast absorbency, I never had to worry about frequent nappy changes which also means uninterrupted sleep & waking up to a happy baby! 💙💚


Mommy Roxy Adaya – November 25, 2019

My baby Teo is a Ultrafresh baby! Why? because it‘s soo comfy,super thin absorbable and very affordable.👌
One of the best diaper!!!


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – November 23, 2019

Ohh look at you all grown up 🤣😜🥰 •

One thing that gives me confidence it just let her move and move around is that I know we aren’t going to have a poopy or wet accident because her diaper dries up those quickly and absorbs them really well 💯💯


Mommy Maricel M Lim – November 23, 2019

Playtime is uninterrupted because Ultrafresh PH has a fast dryness feature that keeps my baby Machu feeling fresh all the time.

He absolutely loves this diaper ❤️


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – November 22, 2019

@ultrafreshph diapers definitely is the thinnest diaper I’ve used for domdom! It is almost as thin as my mobile phone. Daddy used to ask me too, “is dom wearing a diaper?” Haha!


Mommy Luisa Gaw – November 22, 2019

Ultrafresh Diapers have super elastic waistband that automatically adjusts to baby’s waist area giving it a perfect fit to allow ease of movement all the time! 💚💙


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – November 19, 2019



Mommy Caren Tordesillas – November 11, 2019

So many moms lost sleep over diapers at the 11.11 sale. We haven’t lost sleep over diapers since @ultrafreshph ! Aside from it being more cost friendly than the other diapers, it’s so absorbent and stays dry throughout the night. 😊


Mommy Luisa Gaw – November 10, 2019

Always feeling comfy with Ultrafresh diapers 


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – November 8, 2019

Fri-YAY! Yep, we have moved a size up!! Still our favorite brand for fast and high absorbency—ALL NIGHT LONG! 🥰


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – November 7, 2019

Baby Mia’s diaper can actually fit her 2-yr-old kuya 😮

It’s so elastic that you can fit large up to xl size.
UltraFresh is Ultra Elastic to support your child’s every movement 😉
Try for yourselves Mommies 👌


Daddy Dave De Castro – November 4, 2019

This is the first time I saw my Bruho Mars dance like me!
Happy Monday everyone! 🕺
#stagedad #15months
#ultrafreshph #ultrafreshbaby #snugfitUltralightdiapers


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – November 2, 2019

Armi had a blast at her 1st Trick or Treat experience. Aside from enjoying the festivities, her @ultrafreshph diapers kept her comfortable despite all her excited “jumps” 😊😍


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – November 2, 2019


Mommy Madelaine Lopez – October 28, 2019

UltraFresh diapers claims high absorbency with a new technology design feature that provides a fast acting ultra dryness layer- And that’s exactly what it does. It’s actually what attracted me initially to test this brand out. In fact I’ve personally witnessed its capability to completely absorbed a glass of water poured into it in less than a minute during its product demonstration. So if this sounds appealing to you then you should definitely give it a try! You know how babies tend to need frequent diaper changes? Well this keep their skin dry and allows less sleep disturbance throughout the night.


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – October 25, 2019

At 10 months old, Armi can say a few words (mama, seya, Dada, Yaya), babble like she’s engrossed in conversation, stand assisted, crawl, kinda walk but assisted and eats solids like a baby boss. She’s hitting so many milestones as she grows and we’re happy @ultrafreshph grows with her. With its elastic waistbands, it stays in place while she explores the world around her 😊


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan – October 25, 2019

Play time is always our favorite time. ❤ We love that #ULTRAFRESHph diapers are super absorbent. DJ boy can go on hours of playing without any diaper change break or any leaks😂


Mommy Maricel M Lim – October 24, 2019

Now I can travel light with my twins. This diaper is a space saver, super thin and easier to carry. Magaan pa sa bulsa 👌


Mommy Daphne Uy-Tocino – October 21, 2019

One feature I look for in a diaper is its flexibility. It allows my LO to move and play around comfortably and with ease ü

When I tried @ultrafreshph diapers, not only is it budget friendly, but it also provides the flexibility my li’l dom needs! Ü


Daddy Dave De Castro – October 17, 2019

Staycations are more fun with #ultrafresh! 👶🏼 #lessmesslessstress


Mommy Madelaine Lopez – October 15, 2019

For a month old baby, you sure move a lot, Tavi! Lol. It’s a good thing Ultrafresh diapers could keep up and provide her the support she needs to move freely and comfort to not be irritable. 😅😆 Happy baby, happy Mommy! 🤗💕


Mommy Rona Tai – October 13, 2019


Mommy Maria Luisa Gaw – October 13, 2019

Ultrafresh diapers are: 👶🏻 Lightweight on babies ✅ Most ultra thin diapers in the market today with maximum absorbency… 🤱🏻Light on Mommy’s budget especially now that our Ultrafresh family made them more affordable💵


Mommy Luisa Pua – October 12, 2019

As Lana grows older and becomes more active, she also takes a lot of food and water to keep her energy up and going. Hence, she also pees a lot, parang adult na. We’re so happy that we never experience any leak with @ultrafreshph because of its fast absorbency feature.


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – October 11, 2019

When she moves, the diaper moves with her. No leaks during playtime 🥰


Mommy Maricel M Lim – October 10, 2019

Legs up!
Time for a nappy change for my Irish twins before they go to sleep.

Thanks to Ultrafresh PH diaper for keeping them dry through the night have a good night sleep.👍


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – October 9, 2019

Packing for a trip with kids was never easy.
Too many things to pack… You name it!
Luckily, Ultrafresh is so thin that it fits perfectly in the baggage.

UltraFresh = Ultra Space Saver 😉


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan – October 7, 2019

Aside from being super absorbent, i just love the tapes of this diaper ❤❤❤ they are absolutely refastenable!


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – October 6, 2019

“All my bags are packed and ready to go…” of course we won’t forget to pack our #UltraFreshDiaper !! I am able to fit my clothes and dom’s stuff with a pack of 30 pcs UltraFresh diapers plus 8 more on the side! This is how lightweight, thin and a space saver it is!!! We are all set! Are you!


Mommy Caren Tordesillas – October 5, 2019

We love how easy and comfortable it is to move around in UltraFresh diapers. Baby Caris can lift her legs up in the air, her favorite morning exercise, no problem!


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – October 4, 2019

Baby Armi is amazed with the fast absorbency of @ultrafreshph diapers. With less changes, she is able to play longer 😉


Daddy Dave De Castro – September 30, 2019

No icky, sticky feeling for Chucky with #Ultrafresh due to its super absorbent, ultra thin pad. 😎


Mommy Luisa Gaw – September 29, 2019

UlLTRAFRESH DIAPERs are the thinnest diapers in the market today!
– so ultra thin at only 2mm thick!
– can fit the most number of diapers in your diaper bags vs all the other brands!! (No need to worry about running out of diapers!)
– your babies will surely enjoy the “barely there” feeling because of the comfort and lightness its thinness brings!


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – September 27, 2019

MAMA POST! Can you believe this little bag has 30 pcs of diapers?! See how thin it is. It’s only 2mm thick and it packs so well in our baby bag! It really saves space but doesn’t compromise on absorbency. Best of all? It’s only Php165 for this pack of Size Small diapers. Head on to Ultrafresh PH for your stash, Mamas!..


Mommy Maricel M Lim – September 26, 2019

Thank you mommy for my Ultrafresh PH diaper. I love wearing this and it keeps me comfortable all day 🤗


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – September 24, 2019

Full diaper? No problem!
UltraFresh Diaper is super absorbent that it keeps Baby Mia ultra fresh! 😉


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – September 22, 2019

Did anybody say wet?? I didn’t!! Coz I’m using #UltraFreshDiaper and it’s fast dryness! I can play longer and uninterrupted by nappy changes!


Mommy Caren Tordesillas – September 21, 2019

When it comes to diapers, my biggest worry is finding out that the size we are using is out of stock. (Happened many times with my first born.) But thanks to @ultrafreshph elastic waistband, we can stock up and use the same size for a longer period of time.


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – September 20, 2019

It’s not just thin. It’s ultra thin


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – September 19, 2019

We were out for a few days and I made sure to pack my daughter’s Ultrafresh PH diapers. They save space because they weren’t kidding when they said these diapers are ULTRA THIN! But don’t let that fool you, it’s also super absorbent!💯💯💯 …


Mommy Maricel M Lim – September 17, 2019

Travelling with a baby is challenging as it often comes with a lot of stuff.
But with Ultrafresh PH, I can pack 20 pcs of diapers inside this mini toddler bag.
Super thin and easy to carry. 🤩


Mommy Luisa Gaw – September 15, 2019

Ultrafresh Diapers are excellent overnight diapers:
✅ maximum absorbency (Even if it’s ultra thin❗️👍)
✅ leak protection
✅💯% satisfaction
✅Good night’s sleep for babies!
✅Mommy approved!👌🏻👍🏻


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – September 15, 2019

On-The-Go Baby Changing Station is Life 😜🔥💯


Mommy Luisa Pua – September 14, 2019

Glad how @ultrafreshph is partaking in our conscious effort to go green at home. It only needs less diaper consumption for Lana, resulting to lesser diaper waste we produce at home.


Mommy Lilan Tan – September 14, 2019

Our little policeman enjoying his morning play time…and mommy did a boo-boo by forgetting to change his diaper🤦‍♀️..good thing Ultrafresh PH is ultra absorbent. This little guy just kept playing without complaining about his diaper 👍👍👍 (that’s over 15 hours)


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – September 13, 2019

How often do you change your li’l one’s diaper each day? Coz with #UltraFreshDiaper , Dom uses 2-3 diapers per day! So my tipid tips for moms like me, try out UltraFresh Diapers for less consumption = more savings!


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – September 11, 2019


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – September 10, 2019

We recently went on vacation with the kids. I’m so happy @ultrafreshph diapers can keep Baby Armi dry for up to 12 hours for uninterrupted fun with her sister and cousins. This also meant less changing. I actually didn’t even finish the diapers I brought along 😁


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – September 9, 2019

Play all you want and change diapers less coz it’s Ultrafresh PH’s ultra thin but ultra absorbent diapers 😍


Mommy Maricel M Lim – September 9, 2019

Because it’s super absorbent, less nappy change are needed in a day.

I was surprised I still have available stock of diapers at home, no need to order pa.

Sulit na sulit! 👍


Mommy Luisa Gaw – September 7, 2019

I am now more active than ever! Good thing my Ultrafresh Diapers can keep up with my movements… It has a tall and elastic waistband that fits so well and does not irritate the skin…


Mommy Luisa Pua – September 5, 2019

She’s fascinated by toy cars lately and it’s all cool! Letting her explore all options of playtime even if it’s for the boys or on the floor. @ultrafreshph stays in put with her super duper active movement due to its waistband’s elasticity. No stopping this little girl’s exploration all day long.


Mommy Lilan Tan – September 4, 2019

This smile is brought to you by Ultrafresh PH. Thanks for keeping our little guy dry during our long haul flight ❤


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – September 3, 2019

Baby Armi is getting more and more active! Good thing @ultrafreshph diapers have elastic waistbands that adjust with her movements 😊


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – September 2, 2019

Elastic waistband is one of the key features of #UltraFreshDiaper . It is super comfy, easy to wear and has helped Dom avoid skin irritation!


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – August 31, 2019

Saturday and our new normal when going out. 👶🏻💕 #MamaAndBB

AND TRUE STORY: Changed her diaper at 8am and didn’t have to change her until she pooped at 4:30pm. We love our Ultrafresh PH diapers—very ABSORBENT. Her poop used to leak out of her previous diapers (2 of the leading brands in the market, no joke). Also, this brand is VERY AFFORDABLE, easy on every mom’s pocket. Tipid na sa price, tipid pa from changing very often!


Mommy Maricel M Lim – August 30, 2019

Woke up like this with a “bungisngis” smile. Thanks to Ultrafresh PH diaper for keeping him dry throughout the night and day 😊

Super Absorbent 💯%


Mommy Luisa Gaw – August 29, 2019

Hello Mommies!
Am so excited to share with you my Mommy’s discovery: Ultrafresh Diapers!
No leaks because of its maximum absorbency… No leaks mean less nappy change… Less nappy change means less puyat…
And more importantly, more savings for Mommy and Daddy!
Yehey!!! 😊


Mommy Arra – August 29, 2019

Successfully slept through the night again❤️7pm to 7am, no diaper change, no redness or rashes. 😊


Mommy Luisa Pua – August 26, 2019

Just arrived from our long weekend trip and this little girl immediately grabbed her toys to play as soon as she stepped in the house. @ultrafreshph diaper’s so absorbent, we didn’t take a nappy changing stop that made us get home quickly.


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – August 24, 2019

 has been providing the support for Dom’s every milestone! As he grows up, he becomes more playful and more likot each and every day! Good thing #UltraFreshDiaper has provided the flexibility and movement my little boy needs!


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – August 23, 2019

@ultrafreshph diapers are so flexible that it can totally keep up with how fast Baby Armi is growing up 😘


Mommy Sonjia Calit-Kakilala – August 22, 2019

Trying out something new in the market…diaper wise! IKR? These are the things I actually look for nowadays. Hahaha! Found Ultrafresh PH and it’s ultra thin!!! Makes for better movement for this little one, and you know what, it’s easier for me to button her onesies coz the diaper is really what is says—ultra thin 😍💯. They have 6pc packs if you want to try. 🥰


Mommy Lilan Tan – August 21, 2019

Bringing @ultrafreshph diapers to our 10-day Sydney trip was not a problem because they are #ultraTHIN. Sooo happy that it didn’t take much luggage space 👏👏👏


Mommy Luisa Gaw – August 19, 2019

I am now 8️⃣ months old… I love to explore and i’m always very curious🤔 but Mommy & Daddy need not worry because i’m wearing my @ultrafreshph diapers…
It stays in place all the time…
And it never fails to keep up with my likot moves! 😊


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – August 19, 2019

You have no idea how UltraFresh Diapers helped Baby Mia feel comfortable with her mobility skills. She’s able to play and even dance without irritations 😉 if you want value for money… this is it, Mommies and Daddies! 👌


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – August 17, 2019


Mommy Luisa Pua – August 17, 2019

Where are we off to this weekend Mama? Please don’t forget to pack my @ultrafreshph diapers! They’re super light & thin and won’t consume a lot of space in my bag. See, i can even carry the whole pack!


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – August 15, 2019

Dominic enjoys how thin and lightweight #UltraFreshDiaper is! His smile says it all! He can run around and play around comfortably!

We want your babies to share the same experience with #UltraFreshDiaper !


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – August 14, 2019

I don’t have to worry about space when packing @ultrafreshph diapers for a trip coz its super thin and lightweight 😘


Mommy Rona Tai – August 7, 2019

Legend had to do a photoshoot today in his @ultrafreshph… it kept him cool & fresh the whole time we were out… HOW WAS THE SHOOT???? Watch till the end!


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – August 3, 2019


Mommy Lilan Tan – August 2, 2019

Dj boy checking out how thin his favorite diapers are! Still cant believe how a diaper sooo thin can be sooo absorbent. Ultrafresh PH you are heaven sent to us parents & super active babies like our DJ boy ❤


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – July 28, 2019

Walking around with no support is Dom’s achievement on his 10th month and #UltraFreshPH definitely made sure their diaper stays in place for better movement because of their waistband elasticity!!

Get your #UltraFreshDiaper now and not only will your baby’s diaper stay in place, you’ll also definitely stay with #UltraFreshPH too!


Mommy Maricel M Lim – July 26, 2019

It’s Fri-YAY mommies! My bunso always have a good night’s sleep with his Ultrafresh PH diaper. It keeps him dry and can last long that I don’t need to worry waking up in the middle of the night for a nappy change.


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – July 25, 2019

“ I heard that Ultrafresh Diapers are very absorbent, Mommy..
Can it absorb my laway too?
I love munching on them 😆


Mommy Lilan Tan – July 22, 2019

Playing is extra fun because this guy doesn’t have to worry about lawlaw diapers 😂 this is one of the many reasons why we love Ultrafresh PH


Mommy Luisa Gaw – July 22, 2019

👶🏻: Mommy, why is it that my Ultrafresh diapers are so thin yet so absorbent? Hmmm… Let me check my book… Here’s why… Our friends from Ultrafresh discovered a new technology to make this possible! Try it now mommies and see the difference! 😊


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – July 21, 2019


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – July 21, 2019

Taking Baby Arabella with us is a breeze because of long uninterrupted “pasyal” time thanks to our @ultrafreshph ultra absorbent diapers ☺️


Daddy Eric “ERUPTION” Tai – July 19,2019


Mommy Arra – July 18, 2019

Ultrafresh PH, my little one’s official partner in his jump stunts and frog kicks😂 No bulky gap between his legs, no clumping or saggy nappies — even when it’s already full!


Mommy Luisa Pua – July 18, 2019

Already getting into Lanabear’s extra playful and likot stage. We’re all trying to keep up with her and @ultrafreshph is doing an awesome job with its flexibility and movement feature.


Mommy Rona Tai – July 17, 2019

He is becoming super playful! Thank goodness that his @ultrafreshph nappy are super flexible and thin that can keep up with Legend’s every milestone!


Mommy Lilan Tan – July 17, 2019

Caught this little guy “pooping” 😂 and i am confident that there will be no leaks because of our Ultrafresh PH diapers. They are ULTRA thin yet ULTRA absorbent. 👏


Mommy Maricel M Lim -July 16, 2019

This is our super likot ate Janela Mourisse Lim wearing a Large size Ultrafresh PH diaper of her little brother 😅. It still fits her though😊


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – July 15, 2019

All these toys..
still chooses to play with the diaper 😅

Love to see her play and move very comfortably 👌🥰

No bad days, only happy days with Ultrafresh Diapers 😁


Mommy Luisa Gaw – July 15, 2019

I am Mommy’s little kiti-kiti… “Playing is life” to us babies… But no matter how likot i am, my Ultrafresh Diaper always stays in place and does not limit my movements.. That is why Mommy and Daddy are so happy with Ultrafresh Diapers…☺️😊😊


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – July 13, 2019

Look how thin Ultrafresh PH is. It’s double the pcs of another diaper brand. Now, we can bring TWICE MORE than our usual brand. This is such a great find coz it’s not only light in weight, but also light in our wallet! 😁👍


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – July 13, 2019

Happy mornings are brought to us by the thin and lightweight Ultrafresh PH diapers ☺️


Mommy Arra – July 10, 2019

My son’s diapers are ultra thin and lightweight alright, but THICK in savings and HEAVY in performance.💪😉

Super convenient for travelling, you can fit 22 medium-sized diapers in that small black pouch!


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – July 9, 2019

Our little domdom loves walking and sitting around with his UltraFresh Diapers because it is thin and lightweight!


Mommy Lilan Tan – July 9, 2019

Happy that our @ultrafreshph diapers are here! We only trust this brand to keep our little man dry & cool during these extremely hot days!!!! #yasss for diapers that are #ULTRAfreshULTRAthin


Mommy Luisa Pua – July 8, 2019

Playtime ready all day with @ultrafreshph thinness and lightweight feature. Not too bulky and heavy on Lana when it gets full while playing.


Mommy Maricel M Lim – July 7, 2019

To prevent my baby’s leg deformation, I always use a thin diaper.

Happy I found Ultrafresh PH 👍

My baby Jaden Matthew Lim is obviously enjoying it’s 💯% comfort and maximum absorbency.


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – July 6, 2019

It amazes us how absorbent these thin diapers are 🤩

With its maximum absorbency, you actually consume less diaper

With baby Mia, we only change diapers 3-4 times a day 👌


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – July 6, 2019

Baby Armi is pleasantly surprised mommy doesn’t change her Ultrafresh PH diapers as much coz they’re so absorbent. It gives us more uninterrupted play and our stash lasts longer 😊


Mommy Luisa Gaw – July 5, 2019

Did you know that the more Ultrafresh Diapers you buy, the more you save? That’s because Ultrafresh Diapers are so absorbent that it keeps your babies fresh and dry longer… which means fewer diaper change! 🚼 Less hassle and more savings! 💵
Our friends from Ultrafresh made them even more affordable… 


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – July 5, 2019

Good morning! Just wanna share how absorbent Ultrafresh PH diaper is. Diaper is on since 4am in the morning til now, that’s 6.5hrs of no changing and counting. Wow! 😍


Mommy Lilan Tan – July 2, 2019

Diaper change in the car is not a problem with Ultrafresh PH ❤❤


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – June 30, 2019

Dom is super likot and nappy change seems impossible! With Ultrafresh diapers, we only have to do 2-3 nappy changes everyday! Lesser consumption means supply lasts longer! Thank you Ultrafresh!


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – June 30, 2019

I think we will graduate to large diapers soon. For now we have to finish our medium diapers stash. Good thing Ultrafresh PH diapers have soft elastic bands that adjust to baby’s growing belly 😂


Mommy Lilan Tan – June 29, 2019

The rain won’t stop this little guy from running around the grass. Thank you Ultrafresh PH for always keeping him dry 👍👍


Mommy Luisa Pua – June 29, 2019

Bath time struggle is real when you have a super likot and active 1 year old that can’t stay put even for just 5 seconds! Good thing @ultrafreshph waistband elasticity is the best that follows Lana bears every movement and keeps her diaper in place.


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – June 26, 2019

Gloomy day? No worries!
Started our day right with this Lil’ Miss’ big smile ☺️
UltraFresh Diapers has an elastic waistband technology that gives Baby Mia the ultimate comfort to move around.
Which makes us… ultimately happy 😁


Mommy Luisa Pua – June 25, 2019

Hello everybody! Do I look cute with my pigtails na? Having a great day today despite the heat because of my @ultrafreshph diapers! It’s lightweight and 2mm thinness keeps my fresh all day long!


Mommy Luisa Gaw – June 25, 2019

Just like Baby Lance, let your babies experience the ultimate comfort and fit of Ultrafresh Diapers’ super elastic waistband technology…


Mommy Maria Jonna Fernandez – June 21, 2019

Baby Mia is feeling ultra fresh with UltraFresh Diapers ❤️

We love that it’s ultra thin to keep her feel comfortable and happy ☺️


Mommy Arra – June 20, 2019

Goodnight’s sleep c/o Ultrafresh Diapers💛🌠


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – June 19, 2019

Baby Armi is always in a good mood when it’s bedtime because she knows Ultrafresh PH diapers will keep her comfortable til the morning ☺️


Mommy Luisa Gaw – June 16, 2019

Happy Father’s Day to all Daddies out there.. Thank you for all your sacrifices to make sure that your kids live a comfortable life… ❤️ Just like my Daddy… He always provides me with Ultrafresh Diapers that are so comfortable, breathable, lightweight and budget friendly… 


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – June 8, 2019

Ultrafresh diapers makes sure baby Dom stays fresh and dry thru the night. That is why Dom is so excited to put them on!


Mommy Luisa Gaw – June 8, 2019

“Mommy, Can you buy more Ultrafresh diapers please ? 🙂 “ 👶🏻 #UltraFreshPH #UltraFreshDiaper #UltraFreshBaby #PhilippinesThinnestDiaper #LanceJeremyTanGaw Not only it is the Philippines’ thinnest diaper, but also the best value for money as it is very absorbent, very baby skin friendly, breathable and comfortable…🥰 


Mommy Lilan Tan – June 7, 2019

Beating the intense heat with ULTRAFRESH diapers & bath time ❤


Mommy Luisa Pua – May 22, 2019

My little Lanabear has now dance moves to her favorite songs and is now extra likot! Good thing Ultrafresh PH elastic waistband and flexibility can keep up with her movements and stays in place!


Mommy Joei Calixto-Gregorio – May 19, 2019

Always has a smile on his face every time I call him.☺️ It helps that his Ultrafresh PH diaper keeps him comfy during playtime.🤗 


Mommy Arra – May 2, 2019

Four months of giggles and coos, zero sleepless nights from wet diapers.💗
Thank you Ultrafresh!


Mommy Bev Gaw – April 30, 2019

Baby K play time partner Ultrafresh PH so thin and absorbent 🥰


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – April 30, 2019

It’s easy for Baby Armi to be in a good mood despite this heat when she’s feeling fresh and cool wearing her @ultrafreshph diapers


Mommy Jo Kamiyama – April 28, 2019

 has been keeping my baby ultra fresh & happy this summer season ☀️💯


Mommy Lilan Tan – April 27, 2019

Bye bye rashes. Love that the diaper is ULTRA absorbent. Keeps me worry free throughout the night 
🙂 Thanks to ULTRAFRESH diapers


Mommy Luisa Pua – April 26, 2019

It’s so hot! Remember to drink lots of fluid today! And wear comfy and breathable clothes. Wearing my Ultrafresh PH diapers to keep me dry and comfy for the rest of the day!


Mommy Luisa Gaw – April 23, 2019

Feeling and looking fresh even after several hours of playing… Wanna know Baby Lance Jeremy’s secret?
Baby Dry Diapers!!!


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – April 20, 2019

Feeling ultra happy today because #staycation. 😁 Was able to bring more diapers for my little one this staycation because Ultrafresh PH is ultra thin.


Mommy Arra – April 19, 2019

Too fresh for the summer heat!😎🌞


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – April 18, 2019

We are so satisfied with how thin and absorbent ultrafresh diaper is! And it shows in Domdom’s face!!

Good morning everyone! Have a blessed weekend!


Daddy Jai Reyes – April 16, 2019

Seriously my son Jyacob loves to pee on me. And he urinates so much that we go through about 10 diapers daily.
I now have armor with @ultrafreshph diapers.


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – April 16, 2019

Baby Armi wishes everyone a restful and solemn Holy Week 


Mommy Jo Kamiyama – April 15, 2019

My baby’s always fresh and happy with @ultrafreshph 💯


Mommy Luisa Gaw – April 14, 2019

Hi Mommies.. My name is Lance Jeremy.. Just want to share with you all how comfortable my Ultrafresh Diapers are.. They are super absorbent , lightweight and stays in place even when i’m super likot! 😅 (More playtime for me!!! Yay!! 🤩)


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – April 13, 2019

A happy baby has shinning eyes!!!
with thinnest and lightweight diaper
Baby Chino is happier!!!


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – April 12, 2019

Little one woke up from a good nap. Thanks to Ultrafresh PH diaper for keeping his bumbum dry..


Mommy Joei Calixto-Gregorio – April 10, 2019

True to its name, Ultrafresh diapers is keeping Damian fresh in this summer heat.😉☀️


Mommy Abbie Lee-Cuevas – April 9, 2019

Even if puno na his #UltraFreshDiaper NO poblemo! He is still comfortable and he doesn’t feel wet. I don’t have to worry about it leaking too!

So far I’d say it is at par with the other leading brands out there! Good job guys! 👍


Mommy Lilan Tan – April 9, 2019

Hip hop Hooray for diapers that are ULTRA thin & absorbent!! Lil’ man DJ loves his Ultrafresh PH diapers ❤❤❤


Mommy Luisa Gaw – April 9, 2019

They say that a picture paints a thousand words… Now we know why… This picture of Baby Lance Jeremy says it all… Ultra Thin: Confirmed ✔️
Lightweight: Confirmed ✔️
Comfort: Confirmed ✔️
Absorbency: Confirmed ✔️


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – April 8, 2019

Baby Armi feels like showing off her Ultrafresh PH diaper. She’s proud we just went up a size 😊😜


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – April 6, 2019

Playtime is more fun when Dominic feels dry and comfy wearing the thinnest diaper in the Philippines!


Mommy Joei Calixto-Gregorio – April 4, 2019

Now that Damian’s 4mos, he’s getting more active—always moving his legs & always turning over to his tummy. I like how Ultrafresh keeps up, doesn’t slide down or get displaced.👍🏼


Mommy Evangeline Magsombil Marquez – April 4, 2019

Peek-A-Boo !!!
Just sending out a small smile.
Possibly the thinnest diaper
My little Chino has ever worn.


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – April 1, 2019

Play time, fun time. Thanks Ultrafresh PH, i do not have to worry about leaks.


Mommy Shing De Castro – March 28, 2019

Because its #ultrathin, kasya ang 6 diapers sa small sling bag ko! 👏🏻


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – March 27, 2019

a lot of baby books for Chino
also Ultrafresh diaper to keep my
baby Chino dry all day.
1.2.3. Smile!!!!


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – March 27, 2019

Baby Armi staying cool and fresh despite the summer heat with Ultrafresh PH diapers 😎


Mommy Joei Calixto-Gregorio – March 26, 2019

Trying out Ultrafresh diapers on Damian. Liking how thin it is & the elastic band that can adjust to growing babies.☺️


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – March 24, 2019

Giving a gentle protection for my baby Chino.


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – March 23, 2019

Dom’s daily morning freshness routine with UltraFresh ü Ultra Fresh diaper keeps Dom dry throughout the night!!


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – March 20, 2019

Chino cheerfully playing rattles
while he is very comfortable with his ultrafresh diaper.


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – March 20, 2019

Moving up day! From size small to medium. Thanks Ultrafresh PH for keeping Hugh’s bum dry and fresh all day.. 😍


Mommy Luisa Pua – March 19, 2019

I love how thin and flexible ultra fresh diapers are. Especially now that summer season is coming up, it greatly helps to keep our baby stay dry and fresh even it’s already hot and their prone to rashes due to weewee and sweat. I also love how it’s flexible and stays in place during this super likot stage of my daughter where she practically roll around the house.


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – March 19, 2019

We are grateful for cheerful mornings and to Ultrafresh PH diapers. Baby Arabella always wakes up in the best mood 😘😍


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – March 18,2019

Sleep is good with ultrafresh diapers. 😍


Mommy Luisa Pua – March 18, 2019

My @ultrafreshph diapers keeping me fresh while practice walking in my andador. I can’t wait to walk soon and turn our house upside down! Hahaha 


Daddy Jopet Tocino – March 16, 2019

Happy baby dom feels fresh after a nappy change!


Daddy Dave De Castro – March 14, 2019

Ultrafresh diaper, anytime, anywhere!


Mommy Bev Gaw – March 13, 2019

Really loving Ultrafresh PH diaper for my Baby K. So light, thin & absobent keeps her dry all night. I can say that its at par with the leading brand quality.


Daddy Jopet Tocino – March 12, 2019

Always a happy baby.. 🙂


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – March 12, 2019

Baby Arabella is surprised at how kulit her Ate is and at how absorbent Ultrafresh PH diapers are 😂


Mommy Luisa Pua -March 10, 2019

Non-stop playtime with this one specially now at her extra likot and kulit stage. Good thing her diaper @ultrafreshph is flexible enough to accommodate her free movement!


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – March 7, 2019

Feeling fresh and comfy with ultrafresh diapers. 😊


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – March 5, 2019

All smiles coz of another good night sleep. Thank you Ultrafresh PH diapers 😁


Mommy Bev Gaw – March 3, 2019

Ultra Fresh Diapers has the basic qualities of a good disposable diaper material is so soft and light weight, the fit of these diapers are just right and what I love about it is has no poop blowouts and has good absorbency oh did I mention, it’s also wallet-friendly price😊


Mommy Trisha Bart Garcia – March 2, 2019

Every morning is a good morning! Thanks to ultrafresh diaper the best overnight diaper for my baby Tamiko 😘🌞


Daddy Dave De Castro – February 28, 2019

Fresh pag tulog, fresh pag gising kahit saan, kahit kailan😉


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 25, 2019

Fresh na fresh si Baby Chino after maligo
At sa kanyang Ultrafresh diaper👶🏻❤️


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – February 21

Mall trips are a breeze with Ultrafresh PH diapers keeping Baby Arabella dry and comfortable 😍


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan – February 18, 2019

Sitting in his carseat is not a problem during long drives…thanks to ULTRAFRESH diapers. Really happy with how absorbent the diaper is. 👏👏👏 ULTRA thin & leakfree..everything that us moms are looking for 


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – February 18, 2019

Freshness at its finest. Lovin ultrafresh diapers for my little one. 😍


Mommy Trisha Bart Garcia – February 17, 2019

Happy Baby 😊🌻


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 16, 2019

My baby Chino skin stays dry and comfortable.


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – February 14, 2019

Feeling fresh with ultrafresh diapers! Yay! 😊


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan – February 13, 2019

ULTRAFRESH diapers makes play time more fun because our baby can move freely. More kulitan with his atchis without worrying about any leaks 👏👏👏


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 12, 2019

Playtime..music time..
With Ultrafresh diaper lightweight and flexible
Love it.☺️👶🏻


Mommy Mai Gallego De Guzman – February 11, 2019

I’m happy how Ultrafresh stay true to their promise. The diaper is thin and absorbent no need to worry for leakage or law law moments. Even my baby is super likot the diaper still stay in place and because of its thin technology, the material can breath to prevent any baby rashes. One happy baby and mom here!!! ❤️👍👶😊


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan – February 10, 2019

ULTRAFRESH diapers are ULTRA thin, i can fit 9 pcs in my diaper clutch (with my old brand i can only fit 5). AMAZING!


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – February 10, 2019

I do not have to worry about leaks during playtime ever since i used ULTRAFRESH diapers. 😍


Daddy Dave De Castro – February 10, 2019

Keeps me dry, all day and all night! Thanks Ultrafresh!


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 10, 2019

Perfect for my active baby Chino.
Satisfied mommy❤️


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan -February 9, 2019

These are super absorbent!!! Didnt have to wake up our little one for a nappy change. 👏👏 I am now an Ultrafresh convert 


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 8, 2019

Ultrafresh Absorb liquid faster and feel drier and feel more comfortable for my baby
Happy mommy and happy baby.👩‍👦❤️👶🏻


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – February 7, 2019

This has everything i need in a diaper. Light, soft, thin, absorbs and leak proof!.. it’s ultra in everything.


Mommy Arra – February 7, 2019

Today is our little chinito’s 1st month! ✨🎂💗


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – February 6, 2019

Baby Arabella is happy & fresh with Ultrafresh PH diapers 😊😍


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 5, 2019

Ultrafresh has stretchy tapes to perfectly,comfortably fit my baby.
Happy baby..happy with Ultrafresh❤️


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – February 3, 2019

I was skeptical at first when I saw how thin the diaper was. However my 2 month old baby tried it overnight and it kept her dry til the morning 😊


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – February 2, 2019

Babies know best! Dominic enjoys wearing Ultrafresh diapers coz it’s super thin, comfy and super absorbent! Happy baby, happy mommy!


Mommy Abi Engco-Nogales – February 2, 2019

Arabella is super curious about the new Ultrafresh PH diapers 😁🤔😊


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – February 2, 2019

My baby has a freedom and support for all his movements,ensures up to 12 hours protection


Mommy Shing De Castro – February 1, 2019

#ultrafresh diapers keeps my baby dry and leak-free during playtime! ☺️


Mommy Lilan Engco-Tan – January31, 2019

Our diapers are here!! 
🙂 Excited to try ULTRAFRESH diapers


Mommy Shing De Castro – January 30, 2019

I absolutely love these diapers! They are not just absorbent and ultra thin but also eco friendly! 😍


Mommy Jarisse Go Gomez – January 30, 2019

my little one feels comfortable with ULTRAFRESH diapers. its ultra soft, ultra absorbent and ultra light. i love it!


Mommy Evangeline Magsombol Marquez – January 30, 2019

It’s really thin and so it feels so comfortable for my baby.My baby never leaked even if it was really full.
I love this product Ultrafresh.


Mommy Arra – January 23, 2019

I’m so happy and impressed with Ultrafresh that I gave up my old favorite brand in a heartbeat. It’s super affordable and the quality is exceptional!👌
✓No redness/rashes for my newborn baby and 2yo toddler. The diaper may look full and heavy when it’s time for a change, but it actually feels completely dry even if I press hard on it, every single time.
✓Thin and lightweight—not bulky for your baby to wear or for you to pack in your diaper bag.
✓Never had ‘deformed’ diapers from annoying clumps of gel or cotton that splits into sections and hangs ‘loose’—no matter how full the diaper gets (especially if you have a very active toddler like mine).
✓I dont need to wake my baby up at night just to change a wet diaper. That means longer hours of uninterrupted sleep for my kids, daddy, and myself!💗


Mommy Daph Uy-Tocino – January 22, 2019

ultra fresh is super thin and absorbent my baby sleeps thru the night without nappy change!