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Who is Ultra Fresh?
Ultra Fresh is a diaper brand and the product was launched last 2019. Feb 2019 in La Union, Pangasinan and Baguio. While August 2019 in Manila and The Parenting Emporium.
What is Ultra Fresh?
It is the thinnest yet ultra absorbent diaper in town! The name says it all, ultra thin, ultra absorbent = Ultra Fresh.
What are their nappy features?
New Technology – So I asked the Ultra Fresh team as to what this means. They said, it’s the thinnest yet fluffless diaper.
Upto 12 hours protection
Lightweight ans flexible
Maximum Absorbency
What I like:
It’s really the thinnest diaper in the market. This is what we call “iwas sakang” diaper. Plus, it’s really ultra absorbent. Also, what helps is that it is garterized and has a magic tape.
What I dislike:
For the nappies itself, none. But as to where this can be purchased, doon medyo mahirap especially for me, a hands on mom. I only ask my sister or mother, or shop via Lazada (The Parenting Emporium) since I stay at home all the time.
How many pieces are there in a pack?
I believe they have a trial pack wherein it has 6 nappies inside. As for the bigger packs, there are 30 pcs of nappies per bag.
How much is this?
Here are the prices as of December 2019:
Small – Php198/30 = 6.60 each
Medium – Php216/30 = 7.20 each
Large – Php234/30 = 7.80 each
XL – Php247.50/30 = 8.25 each
XXL – Php252/30 = 8.40 each
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Where can this be purchased?
I got mine at The Parenting Emporium. If dropping by their shop is a little inconvenient for you, you can still purchase from them via Lazada or by contacting them via IG.
Urban Essentials and Modern Mama also has this diaper.
Another option is by directly contacting Ultra Fresh in-house.
Will I recommend this to others?
Definitely. I don’t see a reason not to. In fact, I see all the reason for this to be recommended by everyone.

Will I repurchase?
Definitely YES. I actually sold most of my nappies just to repurchase this as this is the nappy that I will let my daughter wear. Price point? It’s very cheap. If you are a Mamypoko user (like I was), you will find this cheap. How about being the thinnest diaper in the market? It’s like a pantyliner ng ladies sa nipis. Absorbent test? YES. Even if the nappies are full, no wetness. Moisture is very very minimal lang – almost none pa nga! There was even a time na I fell asleep and pag gising namin sa madaling araw, punong puno lang yung nappies. But hindi nag leak. Also, there was few times din na nag poop si baby, na absorb din siya – I can even upload a pic if needed! Sobrang sulit for the price. Siguro merong mas mura, pero ang tanong dyan, proven ba?
No wonder, this product is #TPEApproved. Swak sa budget, swak sa kalidad. You really get what you pay for.
If there are questions that I wasn’t able to answer, feel free to comment down or DM me.
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